Why Choose Prairie Industries and Nu-Pak

Why Choose Prairie Industries & Nu-Pak

Prairie Industries and Nu-Pak offers a wide range of packaging, converting, manufacturing, and warehousing services. This growth has been achieved through providing uncompromising customer service at a competitive cost. Our Quality department is second to none, as the number one goal is to put out the highest quality product possible, on time, and in an employee friendly work environment. We rely on our proven ability to meet the customers' packaging needs, and the word of mouth from these satisfied customers, to continue to grow and expand our business.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a generic contract packager. By becoming your Co-Manufacturer we help your organization focus on your core-competencies and you can then gain a competitive advantage.

  • Production Labor
  • Production Benefits
  • Maintenance
  • Space
  • Utilities
  • Quality Control
  • Warehousing